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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The last 3 years

I haven't posted in years. But I have wanted to. Many nights I have laid in bed and imagined what I would say. Many things have happened.
Huddy is now 3.5 years old. He has glasses, which he looks amazing in.
He loves chocolate. It's his favorite food.
At 14 months they found a microscopic hole in the fourth chamber of his heart. It was minor and we were told to follow up every 2-3 years. Nothing to worry about.
When he was 20 months old, we had quite the surprise.
His father left us.
A month before his second birthday I moved to live with my
Mom, renting my house out while trying to balance school and single motherhood.
That spring, his father completely stopped seeing him. I started working 2-3 days a week.
Then the courts ordered child support. Enough where we could move home.
After 10 months of renting the house, my tenants were 3 months behind, so we gladly moved back into our home.
It really helped me accept things. In the 10 months we were at my mom's, I suffered a terrible depression. Some days I questioned if I was even suitable to be a mother when I couldn't be a wife.
Once I started working, I gained back some confidence. Once we moved home, I realized I could do this on my own and my confidence soared. I became the Mother I was before his dad left. I may have even become a better mother since I am so much more confident in myself.

This spring, the judge ordered spousal support. Huddy's dad responded by quitting his job. Meaning I am now working full time. I've had to quit school for the time being, and I am looking for an even better job.

When news of his dad quitting came, I was looking for the best Disney vacation package. I believe I intended I book that very week. You see, this boy is Disney obsessed. He wants to fly like Peter Pan. So I cried for days when I realized that the money we had saved for Disney would have to be used to tide us over for a few months. It's always something though, right?

I want to come back to blogging. But it will likely be about single motherhood, life after a divorce, and dating. Which is a strange concept these days.

I hope I will be back soon. I hope someone will read what I have to say. I hope it will help someone.